Horse trailer maintenace

General Horse Trailer Maintenance

Top 10 Tips:


1. If possible, park up your horse trailer on hard standing, if leaving for long periods remove the wheels and leave your horse trailer on axle stands.


2. Ensure the handbrake is in the off position while the your horse trailer is parked to avoid the brake shoes sticking to the drums.


3. Use wheel chocks to prevent your horse trailer rolling while parked.


4. If you power wash your horse trailer inside,  make sure it’s thoroughly dry before shutting any doors, leave a window open if possible.


5. Regularly lift the rubber matting to check wear, cracks or damp of the trailer floor, especially horse trailers fitted with wooden floors.


6. Check tyres for wear and they are at the correct tyre pressure as stated on the side wall.


7. Make sure your horse trailer coupling and towball attachment head is clean and greased. Check your Break away cable.


8. Check the your lighting is working correctly before setting off on your journey.


9. Make sure your vehicle towball is clean and greased.


10. Service your horse trailer regularly every 12 months.